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A Year After

December 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

That was one of the worst days of my life. I mean, I know it's ultimately my own fault for leaving the bag in my car, but damn. All of my stuff? Every lens and camera I had? Every lens that I kept money in a fucking shoebox for months to save up for? Don't steal my tools, man. I hate that they never caught you. It tears me up inside. All I have is a faceless shadow to scream at in my head. You, stranger, will have the ultimate power judge you so I'm not going to think about you anymore. I will take our interaction as a learning lesson and move on.

I have a chip on my shoulder because of you,

Zack Luther (Lazyeye Photo)



This was one of the best days of my life. So I'm out all my camera gear....What do I do? It took so long to pay the bills while saving up for that stuff. I had my back against the wall so I asked a few friends' advice. Quite a few close buddies said I should start a GoFundMe. What the worst that could happen? I get a few dollars to put towards a new body? I just needed anything. I had clients booked the next two weeks. Clients that booked months in advance. And if I have learned anything about this industry, you need to be there when your clients need you.

I made a gofundme profile and told my story. I felt like just straight asking for money was a little too difficult. I decided that offering a print for any donation was the best option. In my wildest dream I figured I'd might get $1,000. I needed upwards of $8,000 but I could get the ball rolling with anything, honestly. So now I wait.

Dude, I know I have a great group of friends that I keep close, but what happened next was fucking humbling. The donations just kept coming. Friends, family, friends of the family, family of the friends, other photographers... (hold on I'm crying), people I've never met; EVERYONE iN THE DAMN WORLD SENT ME MONEY TO HELP ME. Within in two days I had enough money to get a new body. Within four, a new lens. What. The. Fuck. Y'all? We ended up raising $2,485!!! Let me retract we. You raised the money. You helped me. You put me back to work. You didn't let me fail. 


I, to this day, can't think of the right words to say. I had nothing, man. Nothing. But now I could work. I could keep bringing a check home. I could provide for my son. Fuck dude, my son. Do y'all realize what he saw? He saw the look on my face when I went to my car and didn't see my bag. He knew that I was fucked. But do you know what that kid saw next? He saw fucking humanity. He saw why you always try to do good for people. He saw the amazing feats that can be accomplished by people that just had one common denominator. I personally know A LOT of these people had conflicting political views, came from different economic situations, and were completely different races. But Brenden saw that none of that fucking matters because if just go talk to your neighbor, you'll realize that we're all in this together.....I digress

So while this GoFundMe link was traveling around the Facebook world, a friend of mine posed a question. "Why don't you ask some of the local bands that you've photographed to play a benefit for you?" It seemed like a pretty far fetched idea, but go figure that the first 4 bands I asked all said ok?!!?. So I figured the best thing to do was to let all the people that donated money to have free entry into the show. We would charge everyone else at the door, but something felt off about that. Once again just asking for money felt weird so I contacted a charity. That charity was the Children's Eye Foundation. Lazyeye Live was born!!!


Fliers for Lazyeye Live created by Mark and Ali of Epic Twins Productions


So the Children's Eye Foundation actually get kids that have a lazyeye the corrective surgery they need. Are you kidding me? What a match made in heaven. I told the my story and that I wanted to donate 1/3 of all money from the event to them. We ended up raising $1395 at the show. We were able to donate $465 to charity while rocking out to some of the best musicians in the area. It was one of the best days of my life and I'd like to thank each and every single person that made it possible. I love y'all and I won't let you down.

I have a chip on my shoulder because of you,

Zack Luther (Lazyeye Photo)


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