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That was one of the worst days of my life. I mean, I know it's ultimately my own fault for leaving the bag in my car, but damn. All of my stuff? Every lens and camera I had? Every lens that I kept money in a fucking shoebox for months to save up for? Don't steal my tools, man. I hate that they never caught you. It tears me up inside. All I have is a faceless shadow to scream at in my head. You, stranger, will have the ultimate power judge you so I'm not going to think about you anymore. I will take our interaction as a learning lesson and move on.

I have a chip on my shoulder because of you,

Zack Luther (Lazyeye Photo)



This was one of the best days of my life. So I'm out all my camera gear....What do I do? It took so long to pay the bills while saving up for that stuff. I had my back against the wall so I asked a few friends' advice. Quite a few close buddies said I should start a GoFundMe. What the worst that could happen? I get a few dollars to put towards a new body? I just needed anything. I had clients booked the next two weeks. Clients that booked months in advance. And if I have learned anything about this industry, you need to be there when your clients need you.

I made a gofundme profile and told my story. I felt like just straight asking for money was a little too difficult. I decided that offering a print for any donation was the best option. In my wildest dream I figured I'd might get $1,000. I needed upwards of $8,000 but I could get the ball rolling with anything, honestly. So now I wait.

Dude, I know I have a great group of friends that I keep close, but what happened next was fucking humbling. The donations just kept coming. Friends, family, friends of the family, family of the friends, other photographers... (hold on I'm crying), people I've never met; EVERYONE iN THE DAMN WORLD SENT ME MONEY TO HELP ME. Within in two days I had enough money to get a new body. Within four, a new lens. What. The. Fuck. Y'all? We ended up raising $2,485!!! Let me retract we. You raised the money. You helped me. You put me back to work. You didn't let me fail. 


I, to this day, can't think of the right words to say. I had nothing, man. Nothing. But now I could work. I could keep bringing a check home. I could provide for my son. Fuck dude, my son. Do y'all realize what he saw? He saw the look on my face when I went to my car and didn't see my bag. He knew that I was fucked. But do you know what that kid saw next? He saw fucking humanity. He saw why you always try to do good for people. He saw the amazing feats that can be accomplished by people that just had one common denominator. I personally know A LOT of these people had conflicting political views, came from different economic situations, and were completely different races. But Brenden saw that none of that fucking matters because if just go talk to your neighbor, you'll realize that we're all in this together.....I digress

So while this GoFundMe link was traveling around the Facebook world, a friend of mine posed a question. "Why don't you ask some of the local bands that you've photographed to play a benefit for you?" It seemed like a pretty far fetched idea, but go figure that the first 4 bands I asked all said ok?!!?. So I figured the best thing to do was to let all the people that donated money to have free entry into the show. We would charge everyone else at the door, but something felt off about that. Once again just asking for money felt weird so I contacted a charity. That charity was the Children's Eye Foundation. Lazyeye Live was born!!!


Fliers for Lazyeye Live created by Mark and Ali of Epic Twins Productions


So the Children's Eye Foundation actually get kids that have a lazyeye the corrective surgery they need. Are you kidding me? What a match made in heaven. I told the my story and that I wanted to donate 1/3 of all money from the event to them. We ended up raising $1395 at the show. We were able to donate $465 to charity while rocking out to some of the best musicians in the area. It was one of the best days of my life and I'd like to thank each and every single person that made it possible. I love y'all and I won't let you down.

I have a chip on my shoulder because of you,

Zack Luther (Lazyeye Photo)

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Hulaween 2017 'Further Down the Saucey Spiral' After what felt like a full weekend already, we found ourselves left with the craziness that would be Saturday and Sunday. The lineups were stacked with incredible artists from the soul arsonist Kamasi Washington to the bass thumping head banger Bassnectar to the wild rock and roll stylings of Ween. Spirit Lake was looking particularly fine this year so we definitely had to find some time to get lost in there. The rain forecasted ended up only being a drop or two, so we went and experienced a drop or two. Ladies and Gentlemen Lazyeye Photo presents Suwannee Hulaween 2017 Saturday and Sunday...Happy Hula



Perpetual Groove



Campground Stage



Butterfly Garden



Tank and the Bangas



Bear Assed



Kamasi Washington






The String Cheese Incident



Beats Antique






Nick Murphy (Chet Faker)



The String Cheese Incident (Theme Set)



Run the Jewels



Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley







Stick Figure



The String Cheese Incident


Slap the Bag



Portugal. The Man



Space Jesus









Spirit Lake






Here Come the Mummies



Moon Taxi



David Shaw (The Revivalists)


From the bottom, top, and every other ventricle of our hearts...Thank You so much for enjoying our photographs.

Lazyeye Photography

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Hulaween 2017 'Lost in the Sauce' This year was Lazyeye Photo's second time covering Suwannee Hulaween in Live Oak, Florida. Last year we instantly fell in love with the location, people, and the all around vibe which is extremely contagious. Every single person is happy to see you and will talk to you as if you're an old friend that they haven't seen in years. Suwannee is not the largest location to hold a festival. Couple this with the fact that the ticket cap is 20,000 and you have the perfect recipe for an amazingly intimate festival. It seems like every inch of the grounds is covered in some kind of trippy yet beautiful art. So instead of having us try to describe it in words (which we are very aware we are horrible at) we present Suwannee Hulaween 2017 by Lazyeye Photo. Happy Hula!

Thursday (Pre-party) / Friday



The Crew (Music Festival Central)


Lettuce Pre Party



Liquid Stranger


Joe Russo's Almost Dead


Umphrey's Mcgee


Greensky Bluegrass



The Nth Power's Tribute to Bob Marley



Hippie Sticks



Spirit Lake


The Polish Ambassador


Russ Liquid


The String Cheese Incident


Spirit Lake


Manic Focus


Lettuce Friday Set



Happy Birthday 'Shmeeans'

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2016 In Memoriam  

Well that certainly was an eventful year. 2016 came with some incredible learning experiences for Lazyeye Photography. The year provided some of the highest, vertigo inducing, highs as well as some of the lowest, gut wrenching, lows. Here are some of our favorite moments from 2016.



'Selfies With the Queen'

The Endymion's Queen's party at the Riverview Room in downtown New Orleans



'Beast Mode'

A lifestyle shoot for a car sales associate in Harvey



'Home Fest'

Lucky to be the official photographer for Metairie's Family Gras for the 4th year in a row



'Lights Out'

The Band Perry closes the stage at Family Gras 2016



'Nifty 50'

Happy to be Endymion's official photographer as they celebrate their 50th year as a Mardi Gras krewe



'Final Thoughts'

Jerry Springer acknowledges the crowd at Endymion's pre party



'Cajun Cannon'

Steven Tyler takes a moment to celebrate before launching t-shirts into the crowd



'Stomp 'em'

Hands reach out in anticipation of getting an official Endymion doubloon



'Fire Squad'

The flambeau accompanies the parade to illuminate the upcoming night's journey



'Greatest Show on Earth'

A gigantic double-float enters the Superdome as the 2016 Endymion Extravaganza



'I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing'

Steven Tyler co-headlines the 2016 Endymion Extravaganza 



'Mr Worldwide'

Pitbul co-headlines the 2016 Endymion Extravaganza



'Prince Peach'

Brian Peschlow dresses up for a thrash metal show at Twist of Lime

Being able to post straight from lightroom to IG is a gamechanger #project1440 #smokingprincess #musicphotography



 '3rd "I"'

Justin Davi plays 'not real' music with Zombies eating Sheep



'Boiling 'Dads'

Behind the scenes of a Crawfish themed shoot for the Louisiana Lottery



'Down in a Hole'

Workers for Mullin Landscape install trees at the Addison In Baton Rouge



'High Gear'

Fifth Switch flexing metal muscle at the Twist of Lime in Metairie 



'Scream in the Dark'

Poor Peter live at the Banks Street Bar New Orleans



'Hazy Days'

P Mike of Hazy Ray plays trombone and reminds us what matters simultaneously 



'Turtle Club' 

Shooting a wedding reception at Brennan's in downtown New Orleans



'Soon to be Unemployed'

A fan records Breaktime For Francis at the Bottomline Beach Club in Metairie



'Say Cheese Grits'

ZEA, Semolina, and Mizado General Managers pose for headshots



'Such Great Heights'

Zurich's Executive Women's Day attendees pose for a group shot



'Hot Potato'

Zurich Classic's Pro clinic allows anyone to learn from professional PGA Tour players 



'Of Course'

Good friend and long time client Chase Mullin and his beautiful bride Laura wed beneath the oaks in Audubon Park



'Drills and Gills'

Louisiana Dental Center hosts its 1st annual Fishing Rodeo in Hopedale




Local bands Rocksteady pose outside the Howlin' Wolf in New Orleans



'Self Portrait'

Lazyeye Photo's Zack Luther on his way to Bonnaroo 2016 in Manchester Tennessee



'The Farm'

Bonnaroo patrons patiently waiting for Dead and Co to begin



'No Closed Doors'

Doors of an abandoned retirement home in Hot Springs, Arkansas



'Mic Checka'

Layeye Photo being interviewed by the Not Real Radio Podcast



'Rusty Gold'

A car awaits restoration in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans



'Bead Moss'

Mardi Gras beads wrap around some chain link in the Bywater of New Orleans



'Never Forget to Look Up'

Trees providing a vein-like canopy in Laurel, Mississippi

I always forget to look up...



'See Level'

A look out of a window of Ft McComb in Southern Louisiana during a Louisiana Lottery photo shoot




Zombies Eating Sheep pose in Greenwood Cemetery in New Orleans




A beautiful King Cake was made for the Louisiana Lottery by Cartozzo's Bakery in Kenner, Louisiana 



'Early to Rise'

The sunrise at the Ace Hotel's rooftop pool in New Orleans Louisiana



'Frontpage News'

Resurface rocking the House of Blues in Downtown New Orleans



'The Prince'

Donald Trump Jr. talks business at Galatorie's in downtown New Orleans




With Pokemon Go fever sweeping the nation, Frostop tries to appeal to the masses



'Reminders Everywhere'

A dilapidated light fixture hang from an abandoned building in the 9th Ward of New Orleans



'The End of the World'

A shipwreck sits decorated under a pier in New Orleans



'Break the Chain'

An angel atop a grave in Metairie Cemetery was missing some flowers 



'Splash of Fall'

Trees begin showing signs of winter approaching in Metairie Cemetery



'Party Fuel'

The Brats perform for a drunken crowd at Oktoberfest in Kenner's Rivertown



'This might be OK'

Umphrey's McGee unleashes a spectacular light show for Suwannee Hulaween in Live Oak, Florida



'Fallen Soldier'

An art installation towers over patrons of Suwannee Hulaween 2016 in Live Oak, Florida



'Y'all Crazy'

Costumes were mostly homemade and abundant at Hulaween 2016



'Soaking It In'

Anderson .Paak pauses in between songs during Hulaween 2016



'Only Memories Remain'

Jim James of My Morning Jacket hold a crystal skull during his Halloween performance at Suwannee Hulaween 2016 



'Stringer Things'

Inflatable 80's themed balloons cover the crows during The String Cheese Incident's jam at Hulaween 2016



'Spirit Lake'

Crowds explore them many art installations in Suwannee Hulaween 2016



'No Need for Words'

STS9 mixes beautiful music with amazing lighting in front of a packed audience at Hulaween 2016 



'Shadow Men'

Disclosure get the late night crowd dancing at Hulaween 2016



'Blast off'

An audience member jamming out as she listens to Lettuce at Hulaween 2016



'Calm Like a Bomb'

Local rockers Know Your Enemy play for an enthusiastic crowd at Republic in New Orleans 



'Lazyeye's Life'

The local music scene pulls together to raise money for Lazyeye Photo when all of their equipment was stolen



'The New Guy'

Ben Zahn wins the position of Mayor for the city of Kenner



'Sparrow and Jeeves'

A couple gets their first look in the courtyard at the Maison Dupuy in New Orleans's French Quarter



'Love Thy Neighbor '

Louisiana Dental Center's attendees are reminded of their Denham Springs office flooding and recovering during their annual Christmas party at the Marriot in downtown New Orleans



'Jak Frost'

Jak Locke performs for a Whine and Cheese Christmas Special   


Have a great and creative 2017 from all your friends at Lazyeye Photography!



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.....and where do I find myself? This weekend I was hired to shoot the Little League World Series in Laurel, Mississippi. I had a small break Sunday morning so I decided to go see the city for a bit. I found myself in the downtown area somewhat bored. I get that it's small town America and I should be happy, but I wanted more... Parking Lot Mural Welcome to Suburbia

I figured I would just start driving. I seem to have good luck just stumbling through New Orleans, so why not Laurel? Let me preface by saying I never advocate going into abandoned places by yourself. There really is safety in numbers, but I am not the brightest crayon in the box. I told myself if I came across any cool abandoned structures, that I would investigate. Of course, maybe 2 minutes after my self pact, I see a beautifully forgotten school.

The ways into abandoned buildings are usually haphazardly covered up. I've been lucky in my prior endeavors, usually finding my entrance within the first few minutes. I headed around to the back of the building. There was some tagging and that's usually a great sign that there will be an opening somewhere near.

After a minute, I figured it out. There was a huge piece of plyboard covering the bottom row of windows. I slid that bad boy over and voila there's a thoughtfully bashed window with an opening big enough for my husky build.

Now I was in....Fuck. The realization set in that I was alone and it honestly started freaking me out. I've done this with other people, but alone? I decided to check my immediate perimeter. The giveaways were all there; a makeshift bed in the next room, newish looking food containers, and a styrofoam cup which couldn't be over a week old. I then realized this was going to be a brief visit. I began snapping away...

   I enjoyed my brief visit to this school. What I really enjoyed was that there were no other visitors. I mean...a freaking crib? This urban exploration really gets your blood going. I enjoy the rush that it brings, but I probably won't be enjoying that rush alone anytime in the near future.... 

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Abandoned Hot Springs...

Last week the family visited Hot Springs to see my father. My girlfriend and I went downtown to play 'tourist' and we ran across a run down nursing home. It looked completely abandoned so we decided to see if there was a way in. Lucky for us someone left a sizable entrance by smashing the story high glass facade to the right of the front doors. I knew it's never good to have just two people when urban exploring so we went to get my nephew to form a crew

Window of opportunity  As we entered I instantly recognized the smell of mold. Being from New Orleans it's almost as familiar as the smell of red beans since Katrina happened. As I pulled my shirt over my face, I giggle at the crews battle stances. My girlfriend was holding her phone up with two hands to make use of its flashlight and my nephew, donning a houston astros jersey, had an aluminum bat hanging over his shoulder. We look like quite the motley crew The crew We turn a corner to see footprints of paint followed by drag marks. 'It really feels dangerous in here', I think to myself. As we pushed ahead the graffiti started to get slightly vulgar and intimidating. "Run while you can" and "last chance" was sprayed on the walls. As if my heart wasn't beating fast enough, the tagging had my adrenaline spiking.

 It's never fun going up stairs in an abandoned building. The angles you have to cover just in case anyone or anything is living there just keeps your head spinning. The stairwells did have a slight beauty due to the beams of light flowing into them and showing bits of paint left on the handrails. That was until we went up to the first floor turn and saw what was written on the wall "you've been warned" and "you've been burned"

Stairway to heaven It's all in the details You've been warned We make it to the second floor with a sense of accomplishment. It feels good to face the unknown sometimes. We all start exploring the different rooms and meet in the hall to tell stories of what we've discovered. What I found written on the wall was my favorite quote I have seen in awhile. "You should feel like this your whole life".  I realized that statement has a lot of truth to it. My heart hasn't beaten this fast since I snuck into Jazzland years back. It reminds you that being uncomfortable isn't such a bad thing. That's what life is.....feelings, even the uncomfortable ones.  Message   Find your balance The rest of our time was spent looking for cool photos and scaring the shit out of each other. The trip into the abandoned nursing home was a success. Thank you for looking at our trip. Enjoy some photographs for your troubles -Zack

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