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.....and where do I find myself?

August 17, 2016  •  3 Comments

This weekend I was hired to shoot the Little League World Series in Laurel, Mississippi. I had a small break Sunday morning so I decided to go see the city for a bit. I found myself in the downtown area somewhat bored. I get that it's small town America and I should be happy, but I wanted more... Parking Lot Mural Welcome to Suburbia

I figured I would just start driving. I seem to have good luck just stumbling through New Orleans, so why not Laurel? Let me preface by saying I never advocate going into abandoned places by yourself. There really is safety in numbers, but I am not the brightest crayon in the box. I told myself if I came across any cool abandoned structures, that I would investigate. Of course, maybe 2 minutes after my self pact, I see a beautifully forgotten school.

The ways into abandoned buildings are usually haphazardly covered up. I've been lucky in my prior endeavors, usually finding my entrance within the first few minutes. I headed around to the back of the building. There was some tagging and that's usually a great sign that there will be an opening somewhere near.

After a minute, I figured it out. There was a huge piece of plyboard covering the bottom row of windows. I slid that bad boy over and voila there's a thoughtfully bashed window with an opening big enough for my husky build.

Now I was in....Fuck. The realization set in that I was alone and it honestly started freaking me out. I've done this with other people, but alone? I decided to check my immediate perimeter. The giveaways were all there; a makeshift bed in the next room, newish looking food containers, and a styrofoam cup which couldn't be over a week old. I then realized this was going to be a brief visit. I began snapping away...

   I enjoyed my brief visit to this school. What I really enjoyed was that there were no other visitors. I mean...a freaking crib? This urban exploration really gets your blood going. I enjoy the rush that it brings, but I probably won't be enjoying that rush alone anytime in the near future.... 


Jennifer Windschitl(non-registered)
Finally getting on to see your blog on this. Your verbal details of it match the visual well, although the visual I'd have to say brings it all to "life".....especially that crib! Eek! Happy safe exploring!
Eileen Chauff Romero(non-registered)
nicely done Zach!!
I love this!! Those creepy kid hand prints
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